Today an interactive whiteboard is part of the standard equipment in many training and conference rooms. Most of these “electronic boards” are connected to the trainer’s PC via a USB connection. But what about the workstations of the individual trainees who must restrict themselves to listening and looking? With the new USB box, an Interactive Whiteboard can now be integrated into a Coursemaster system and the centralized use of the whiteboard becomes possible. The connection of a student PC with a whiteboard, a projector and the Coursemaster system is turning classrooms and conference rooms into an interactive experience.

All you need is a touch of a button on the Coursemaster controller’s keyboard and any trainee’s image can be transmitted to the whiteboard. Now every individual trainee can also work with and make a presentation with the aid of the whiteboard! All the functions of Coursemaster systems such as image transmission by each “presenter” to all trainees, blanking trainee’s screens to capture the attention of all in the room and much more are also available.

In line with the usual Coursemaster philosophy, the USB whiteboard connection is also purely hardware. So any interactive whiteboard - irrespective of manufacturer, model and size - can be integrated into Coursemaster.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Central and efficient use of already existing or new Interactive Whiteboard
  • Connection of a Whiteboard with each PC
  • Each participant can deliver his individual presentation over the Whiteboard
  • Independent of manufacturer, type and size of Whiteboard
  • Integration of projector and notebook
  • Optimum viewing position for all participants with perfect image quality, even in the last rows



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