Visual presenters are the modern version of the OHP.

They have become a popular interactive learning tool for the training room. By adding a visual presenter to your Coursemaster system, you can easily display a document (such as a textbook) or a 3-D object (possibly one of your products) to the entire class, and in so doing, transform the learning experience by providing an enhanced visually accurate presentation. The Visual Presenters is the only visualiser that offers a full 5-year warranty. 

  • Instantly display any type of document
  • Zoom in with auto focus for a close-up view
  • Share moving objects or chemical reactions
  • Freeze pictures so the object can be circulated
  • 1080p HDMI output for large format displays
  • True SXGA output with extended gooseneck
  • Audio and video processor for recording to an SD card
  • Double lamp for optimal lighting
  • Ultra-sharp 3x optical zoom


Ascot Visual Solution Limited

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