Coursemaster Show – a one-way system transmitting from instructor to trainee.

Coursemaster Show incorporates the most important basic functions of an educational system, giving you great support with your daily teaching in the classroom. Coursemaster Show allows the instructor to publish their screen to the trainee's screens. If a second instructor input is present e.g. a notebook, the instructor can send their screen to trainees and the notebook to a projector. The Coursemaster Show system also allows the instructor to blank trainee screens.

Coursemaster Show Functions
at a glance:

  • Screen transmission from instructor to all trainees
  • Screen transmission from notebook to all trainees
  • Notebook to projector while sending instructor's screen to all trainees
  • Blanking of trainees screens
  • Releasing instructor's screen for availability to all trainees

The animation below highlights some of the key features of Coursemaster Show. Click here to load a full screen, interactive version.

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For more information on the Coursemaster Show systems, download the brochure here, or please contact us.

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