AVS’ Information Display System (IDS) is an easy to implement and simple to use information delivery system that sends messages to specified screens or monitors. The messages can be any combination of video, audio, text and images. If required, the information can be scheduled to be sent to specific monitors at specified times.

Any number of different messages can be sent at the same time, to any or all display units within a single site or may be distributed to any or all monitors at multiple sites. This means that a single person or team in a central location can transmit relevant messages to specifically selected sites across the country or to all their sites at the same time. The system is very flexible, ensuring that specifically targeted audiences receive relevant information and 'information overload' become a things of the past.

As IDS uses web technology it’s easy and fun to use. After initial training, AVS’ IDS information providers can design messages in any format including text, pictures, video, live internet pages, PowerPoint presentations - the choice is endless. They can develop a range of slides that are attractive and eye-catching using Internet libraries, web sites or create them with other software packages. Message production is quick and the information can be sent immediately or diarised to be issued at the appropriate time.

Benefits of AVS’ IDS:

  • Keeps staff and customers informed of news and policy, fast and efficiently throughout the organisation
  • Helps create a unified response to customer enquiries
  • Easy and fun to work with, suitable for non-technical operators
  • Improves profitability by increasing customer satisfaction

AVS has a skilled team available to offer you a wide range of services, from "just advice", to supplying and installing fully functioning Information Display Systems.

Our reputation has been built on our ability to work closely with our customers in the development of quality products to help them achieve their targets.

For more information on the IDS, download the brochure here, or please contact us.




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