Ascot Visual Solutions’ Coursemaster is a hardware system developed to enhance training facilities and the learning experience. The system can transmit one screen directly to another e.g. the instructor’s screen to the trainees - this effectively means that each person is sitting directly in front of the instructor.

Other functions of Coursemaster have meant that in recent years the system has also been used in Call Centers by supervisors to monitor and assist new operators in performing their functions, and also used in places such as offices and libraries for discretely scanning PCs in sequence.

Recent developments within the Coursemaster technologies have meant that there is now a DVI system, which incorporates digital technology. The Coursemaster DVI digital system is available in the multiway Select system. Please click on the coloured link below for more information on the DVI system.

Coursemaster technologies can incorporate advance functions such as stereo bi-directional audio lines and the option of USB connection of peripherals. Coursemaster is still a pure hardware solution and therefore is totally independent of the existing hardware and software used in your training centre and is totally secure.

Coursemaster is available in 3 systems, which are extremely versatile allowing the user to customize to their requirements.

  • Coursemaster Select – multi-way system transmitting either from
    instructor to trainee or from trainee to instructor.

  • Coursemaster Select DVI – multi-way digital system transmitting either
    from instructor to trainee or from trainee to instructor.

  • Coursemaster Show - one-way system transmitting from instructor to

  • Coursemaster View - one-way system - it transmits from trainee to

All AVS’s Coursemaster systems transmit the screen images in real-time - independent of individual screen resolutions, colour mode, PC type or application – and allow integration of peripherals such as a notebook or projector.

The Coursemaster systems continue to survive changes in hardware, software, operating systems and upgrades.

For more information on the individual systems and their functions, please click on the coloured links above, download the brochure here, or contact us.

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